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Notes from: STOP OIL Meet UP – 6/29

Think Gulf? Think Green. Think Getting Involved!

Check out our new site: It is a great tool for getting projects underway and finding others to work with, as well as resources, videos, and photos.

The second meeting for StopOIL! NYC  Tuesday night was a roll-up your sleeves and get down to work evening.

Projects Underway:

Direct Action: Oil-Aholics Anonymous: A 12 Step Program. (Team Leader: Sally Newman)

Education: Monuments to Oil (Team Leader: Dave Publow)

Street Performance: “SpilLover” Performance Artists From Marina Abramovic Line Come Together to Confront The Oil Spill in Times Square (thru July 3)

Viral Video: Taping of “SpilLover”  (Team Leader: Emerald Nash)



StopOIL! NYC is born

On June 8th, in response to the catastrophic oil leak taking place in the Gulf of Mexico, New Yorkers gathered to address the consequences of the oil leak, and speed up our transition to a better world.

At the New School forum, attended by nearly 200 people, we broke into groups and brainstormed on how each of us could impact the media, lobby government, push for change in the business community, build public awareness, and offer direct assistance to Gulf of Mexico communities.

And the room came to life with creativity, passion, and intelligence!

We’ve named the group simply: Stop Oil! NYC.  This captures the spirit of our joint goals of dealing with the current oil catastrophe as well as working towards a comprehensive clean energy policy. Together, we will help each other tap into our own strengths and energy & empower each and every one of us to get involved.